Terms and Conditions Newsletter / LinkedIn Giveaway Gift Card

1.1 These promotion conditions (hereinafter: “the Promotion Conditions”) apply to the promotional promotion organized by Lensvelt BV, established and having offices at Herengracht 178, 1016 BR in Amsterdam, “Lensvelt –newsletter / LinkedIn giveaway-” (hereinafter: ” the action”).
1.2 By participating in the Promotion, the participant accepts these Promotion Conditions.
1.3 These Promotion Conditions can be viewed, downloaded and printed via the website.
1.4 Lensvelt is entitled at its own discretion and without prior notice to change or amend these Promotion Conditions during the term of the Promotion, or to discontinue, change or adjust the Promotion without stating reasons if the circumstances involve this. , without Lensvelt being obliged in any way to compensate damage to the participants. Lensvelt will announce the aforementioned amendment or adjustment of the Promotion Conditions, strike, amendment or adjustment of the Promotion through the website.

2.1 The Promotion runs from June 23, 2020 to June 30, 2020.
2.2. Participation in the Promotion is free.
2.3 To participate in the Promotion, the participant must register with his / her email address via our link for the Lensvelt newsletter and then follow our page on LinkedIn and like and share the message about this giveaway.
2.4 Participation is possible once per person. Email addresses already known in the Lensvelt system may still participate in this Promotion.
2.5 Participation in the Promotion is open to anyone who has reached the age of 18 on the day the Promotion starts and has a permanent residence or residence in the Netherlands or Belgium.
2.6 Employees of Lensvelt and third parties engaged by Lensvelt are excluded from participation.
2.7 Lensvelt has the right to exclude a participant from the Promotion if the participant has provided incorrect, incomplete and / or misleading information and / or otherwise commits or tries to commit fraud and / or does not act in accordance with these Promotion Conditions. By exclusion, the participant can in no way qualify for any prize.

Data collection / portrait right:
3.1 By participating, Lensvelt authorizes the collection and processing of necessary (personal) data in the context of the Promotion and the use of his / her email address for sending commercial emails from Lensvelt, as well as informing the prize winner. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
3.2 The participant can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time via the link included therein.
4.1 Prize winners will be determined by drawing lots. Lensvelt raffles a one-off Netherlands gift voucher worth EUR 100.
4.2 Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or transferable. A prize is indivisible and can only be accepted as awarded by Lensvelt.
4.3 Lensvelt ensures, insofar as necessary, that the gambling tax is paid. The total value of the prize does not exceed € 1,000.
4.4 After the draw, the prize winners will be personally informed via the email address provided by them and via a general LinkedIn post. No correspondence can be entered into regarding the outcome of the Promotion.
4.5 The prizes will be sent to the prize winner by e-mail. The prize winner can find a Lensvelt discount code in the email and redeem it once in the Lensvelt webshop worth € 100.
4.6 The prize winner declares by agreeing that he / she is willing to participate in promotional activities at Lensvelt’s request. The prize winner cannot assert any rights to the prize if he / she refuses to cooperate with the aforementioned cooperation.
4.7 Prizes that are not paid for whatever reason remain the property of Lensvelt. If the prize is refused, it will also go to Lensvelt and a new prize winner will be chosen.

5.1 Lensvelt takes the greatest possible care in organizing the Promotion. Lensvelt is not liable for damage of any kind that arises from or is connected with (participation in) the Promotion.
5.2 Lensvelt is not responsible or liable for (the consequences of) defects in the prices to be provided by Lensvelt and / or by third parties.
5.3 Printing, spelling, typesetting or other similar errors cannot be objected to Lensvelt and can in no way create an obligation for Lensvelt.
5.4 Lensvelt is not liable for any damage, of whatever nature, which participant suffers in connection with the use of the website, the links thereon to third-party websites and / or other technical facilities.
5.5 Lensvelt is not liable for any consequences of the fact that the website, for whatever reason, is not (undisturbed) available at any time. The website may be taken out of service temporarily or permanently without prior notice.
5.6 Lensvelt is not responsible or liable for costs incurred by the participant in connection with participation in the Promotion.
5.7 The above exclusions of liability of Lensvelt also apply to auxiliary persons engaged by Lensvelt and third parties engaged by Lensvelt.

6.1 Any complaints, questions or comments about the Promotion can be emailed to info@lensvelt.nl, stating the giveaway and LinkedIn username + email address. Lensvelt will contact you within 15 working days in response to a complaint.

7.1 Lensvelt acts in accordance with the 2014 Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance.
7.2 This Promotion is exclusively governed by Dutch law. All disputes arising in connection with this Promotion and / or the Promotion Conditions, including disputes about the existence and validity thereof, will be settled exclusively by the competent court in the Netherlands.