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The Florian Hotel

W.H. Gispen Chair in The Florian Hotel at Schiphol

W.H. Gispen_205 Chair

Project The Florian Hotel, Schiphol
Location Schiphol, Amsterdam
Interieurconcept Workshop of Wonders
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture

The ambitious young owner of The Florian dreamed of a hotel where he would love to stay. An unconventional place for young professionals and urban nomads; where the design of the public space would receive as much attention as the design of the rooms. The typical 1990s building contains a lot of glass, natural light and brick. The exterior is almost completely preserved. Workshop of Wonders, which took care of the architecture, partially placed an extra floor on top of the building. They covered this with aluminium slats, making The Florian stand out even more at night. They also built a new entrance and completely changed the interior.

W.H. Gispen Chairs  are used in the hotel rooms and are colorfully upholstered. These chairs originally designed by W.H. Gispen have sleek lines, modern curves and a light steel frame. All chairs are sophisticated, comfortable and timeless design pieces. The Gispen collection is produced in the Netherlands by Lensvelt using modern techniques, but retaining original design. They can be used in office, at a dining table or simply as a statement design piece. Slight differentiations in this collection adhere to the backrest, use of armrests and various colors of upholstery.

W.H. Gispen 205 Chair

The Florian Hotel_Schiphol

Meetings on a D-Chair

The D-Chair is lined up in the conference room on the 2nd floor. It is distinguished by it's slim frame, which supports the separate backrest and seat. On the backrest, the frame folds outwards and protrudes from the chair to form a handle and/or a coat hanger integrated within the frame design. The D-Chair is a timeless, contemporary chair with a quirky joke, adhering to both affordability and comfort.

The chair was initially launched in 2017 and developed by …,staat for the purpose of a large-scale hospitality project for desks at hotel rooms. Lensvelt mentions that it was ...,staat’s ambition for the design to “define the whole interior”.


The Florian Hotel_Schiphol

The Florian Hotel_Schiphol_ Entrance