The Gin Sum Club & Bistrobar Indonesia Haarlem

The Gin Sum Club & Bistrobar Indonesia Haarlem

The royal monument built in 1920 in the Amsterdam School style, referred to as the “Bank Building”, has housed The Gin Sum Club since 2016.
A high quality restaurant, where East meets West in its most beautiful form.

The concept combines high-quality culinary Asian cuisine with the appearance and feel of a luxurious gentlemen’s club.
The translation and marriage of these two different worlds was accomplished by Claire Ansems by implementing colors and materials with a distinctly Asian style, but keeping the design very European.

The colors black, gold and copper are found throughout the restaurant, in leather armchairs, steel and lockers where guests can bring their own liquor: the Liquor Lockers. “This is truly unique in Haarlem, so the lockers are almost all rented.” In addition, the big bank vault remains in the basement.

The Lensvelt Collection fits seamlessly into the concept and image / material story that Claire Ansems developed for The Gin Sum Club.
For TGSC, the PH1 bar seats were applied, their tough robust appearance contrasting well with the delicate feel of Asia.
The AVL Shaker bar stools were customised with copper plates and the AVL Koker seats fit perfectly in the overall image due to the beautiful frame shape.

On the 1 year anniversary of TGSC owner Thierry Smagge decided in May 2017 to adapt the kitchen. “People who came here thought it was fantastic, but they see it as a night out. So they come during weekend, but nless frequently during the week. ”
The trendy restaurant in Haarlem made the switch to a more accessible concept in May. Under the culinary leadership of none other than Ron Blaauw Bistrobar Indonesia after a short renovation. Blaauw and Agus Hermawan are culinary advisers at Bistrobar Indonesia. Hermawan, an Indonesian chef, has been working with Blaauw since 2007.

Realization spring 2016
Architect: Claire Ansems defining spaces,
Photography: Martijn Vonck


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