The Movement Hotel Bijlmerbajes

The Movement Hotel Bijlmerbajes

The Movement Hotel is a pop-up in one of the towers of the former infamous prison, the Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam. This hotel is a collaboration between Movement On The Ground and the Refugee Company, run by refugees, and aims to empower them and get them back in the workforce.

Lensvelt Contract supplied the furniture in the lobby and common areas, based on a design by Chris Burghard. Both the architect and Lensvelt delivered under high pressure, as the entire concept and execution was realized within 5 weeks. The salmon pink reception area is complemented by bright red Lensvelt furniture. This project features AVL Glyders and AVL SPR Cathedra Lounge Chairs upholstered in Lensvelt Uni Red, and Richard
Hutten’s This 101 PP chair and Barstools also in red.

This furniture is provided as a part of a circular use model, and has been partly sponsored by Lensvelt. It remains ownership of Lensvelt and will be returned when the hotel closes.

Architect: Chris Burghard

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