Timmerhuis Rotterdam

Timmerhuis Rotterdam

The particular structure of the Timmerhuis that in addition includes the pixel mountain out of a converted office building from 1953, only reveals itself when the public passage enters into the Haagseveer. Hovering in the high atrium literally steel pixel beams above your head.

The Timmerhuis consists of postwar Stadstimmerhuis and a new building in which commercial spaces, offices and homes are brought together. OMA was responsible for both the ‘hull’ of the whole as the interiors of the offices.

Around the atrium located on the first four floors of the municipality offices for 1,800 civil servants. The interiors, designed by OMA architect Saskia Simon consist of alternating open and closed spaces, typical of OMA, have been simultaneously refined and raw device. Refined include aluminum floors, brown walls of ultra thin steel plates and in the meeting rooms, carpets with pictures of football audience in the Kuip in Rotterdam and other things. Raw are the steel beams here and cut across the areas and are left exposed and the steel grids that serve as a ceiling in the public hall. The interior of the old office part is rugged sides. Here is the concrete, which emerged in the remodeling, left visible.

Lensvelt produced several conference chairs designed by Saskia Simon. AVL Office Chair, AVL Koker Chair of Joep van Lieshout and PH1 Chair, PH1 Barstool of Ronald Hooft have been applied in the Timmerhuis.
Realization in 2016.

Architecten: OMA, www.oma.eu
By Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti © OMA
By Ossip van Duivenbode © OMA
By Sebastian van Damme © OMA
Copyright OMA


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