Nina Graziosi UNM

Nina Graziosi UNM

Large scale office gardens – a persistent challenge in the world of architects. The draft designs always look crisp, sleek and spacious however the reality presents us with something very different. Workstation units are inconsistent as every worktop needs to be adjustable in height – due to HS regulations –, leaving one with a lesser-streamlined design and an intended result that is never met. A misery for the architect as they preferably require one thing: Seamlessly fitting work units that are consistent and coherent with the interior design. What the architect needs is a work unit that fits like a Chanel. “A classic that isn’t garish but contemporary to its context” says Nina Graziosi. Graziosi noticed a great amiss when designing large-scale office projects and in collaboration with Lensvelt devised a list of thirteen requirements by which the ideal workstations needed to adhere. Hereafter followed the development and production of UNM (pronounced as ‘You and Me’).

UNM is a modular table system which spaces are cleverly arranged. The system can be coupled by endlessly. Because no legs are used, there is optimal freedom of movement and plenty of legroom. Each worksheet can be set to desired height with a crank.

With the flexibility of the components may be shaping a work station according to need. The detachable screen walls are optional and provide additional acoustics and privacy.

Design: Nina Graziosi (2015).

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