It was a busy VIP opening at ALL NEW, the presentation of Lensvelt in collaboration with Modular Lighting Instruments. They were all there, the internationally renowned designers, architects and artists with whom Lensvelt has designed new products or has expanded existing collections. The industrial space under the arches of Ventura Centrale forms the backdrop for the presentation with the scenography of JPS.architecten during the Milan Design Week 2019.

Above from left to right: Geoffrey Timmer of Hollandse Nieuwe and Eva Linderborg of Lensvelt; Luc Binst, CEO Binst Architects and head of design/founder of B brand, and Ben Depuydt, manager of B brand and interior architect of Binst Architects.
Under fltr: Pieter Kraaijenbrink of Lensvelt and Frank Tjepkema of TJEP; Kiki van Eijk  and Desirée de Jong, creative director of Weltevree.

Above fltr: Hans Vermeulen of DUS Architects and George Rutgers of JANGEORge Interior Design; Ken Mackay, director of MACKAY + PARTNERS and a friend.
Under fltr: Annemoon Geurts, co-founder Kazerne, Marco Tertoolen, general manager of Modular Lighting Instruments, Koen Rijnbeek, co-founder Kazerne, and Astrid Tertoolen; Swan Liam Lensvelt Kwee, Hans Lensvelt and designer/architect Fabio Novembre.

Above fltr: Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen, both from i29, and Jeroen Panders of Lensvelt;  Opening Speech by Hans Lensvelt: I THINK.
Under fltr: Dominique Borggreve, Nicky Onrust and Anne de Jongh of Studio Piet Boon. Gerrit Vos and Jennemieke van der Schoot of Workshop of Wonders.

Left: Joep van Lieshout and Maarten Baas. Above right: Hans Lensvelt and Dikkie Scipio of KAAN Architecten; Joep van Lieshout and Maarten Statius Muller. Under right: Dirk Jan Postel and Kristina; Marco Tertoolen and Jan Paul Scholtmeijer of JPS.architects.

Visit also ALL NEW: Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 19, Milan, 9-14 April

About Lensvelt

Lensvelt is a committed non-design furniture label established in 1962 in Netherlands. Lensvelt manufactures innovative interior solutions for every work, play, relax and think space. To satisfy people and companies, to inspire architects and interior designers to do the unexpected, by working with the most remarkable artists, architects and product designers such as Atelier Van Lieshout, Baranowitz + Kronenberg, Diederik Fokkema, Edward van Vliet, Fabio Novembre, Gerrit Rietveld, i29, Ineke Hans, Luc Binst/ B brand, Maarten Baas, Maarten Van Severen, Marcel Wanders, Nina Graziosi, Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Paolo Rizzatto, Piet Hein Eek, Richard Hutten, Richard Meier, Rick Minkes, Ronald Hooft, Simo Heikkila, Space Encounters, Studio Job, Studio Piet Boon, WH Gispen, Wiel Arets.

Over the years the company has proven itself to be a distinct brand, with often award winning projects and presentations during the Milan Design Week. With the Boring Collection Lensvelt won the prestigious Milano Design Award 2016 Best Concept together with Space Encounters. And in 2017 again for May I Have Your Attention, Please? with the Maarten Baas 101 Chair.

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