Willem Hendrik Gispen

Willem Hendrik Gispen

Willem Hendrik Gispen

Willem Hendrik Gispen (1890-1981).

KEMBO and designer Willem Gispen.

KEMBO. Under this motto laid Willem Gispen and Ru Meijer, nearly sixty years ago, the basis for Kembo from now. Gispen designed the high-quality collection, Russ Meyer was the business talent. Gispen had already created a furore in the thirties with its chromed tubular steel furniture. The furniture he designed for Kembo with frames of steel rod quickly became a huge success. Model 302 was awarded in 1954 at the Milan Triennale.

Starting in May 2014 Lensvelt takes custody of Gispen heritage after taking over Kembo.

Lensvelt has extended it’s design collection with seven highly acclaimed classics of W.H. Gispen. seven highly acclaimed classics of W.H. Gispen. The 1950’s evergreens are from the pivotal Gispen era and have been adopted from Kembo. Hans Lensvelt ceaselessly nurtured a personal relation with W.H. Gispen. He admires the aesthetic quality of the designs and he thinks they fit perfectly in present-day interiors.

The new series is called ‘W.H. Gispen from Kembo by Lensvelt… with love’.

The WH Gispen program consists of five chairs, two armchairs.

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