AVL Office Chairs in NUON headquarters
“It’s a well-designed business chair. Distinguished and representative. At the same time, the design is basic. Almost a little humoristic!”, Willem Heyligers says about Lensvelt’s AVL Office Chair. He placed great quantities of the chair in the new headquarters of NUON.
The energy company will settle in the “New Amsterdam Building” in Amsterdam (South East). The building was originally set up in 1984, but had a complete make-over in the last two years.
Heyligers Design + Projects has designed the interior in such a way that it fulfills the highest standards for sustainability. It is also completely coherent with the idea of “Het nieuwe Werken”.

In this very moment Lensvelt establishes the placement of hundreds of AVL Office Chairs. NUON’s employees can sit down before the end of the year 2013

Revolver System: from display
to storage in one simple move
More and more interior architects and facility managers have discovered Lensvelt’s versatile “Revolver system” designed by Henny van Nistelrooy. This system applies shelves which can easily be repositioned from a slanting position to a vertical one. This way, they can be quickly repositioned from a display function to shelving for storing books or whatever has to be stored.
The Revolver System consists of white coated metal shelves (Ral 9010) and rods fixed to the wall. The shelves are suspended with simple iron rods.
The system is held in stock at Lensvelt and can be ordered in different compositions and dimensions. Orders can be placed on our website.
That Chairs en Stealth cabinets
at Toyota Material Handling Netherlands
Red That Chairs designed by Richard Hutten decorate Toyota’s lunchroom in the company’s Material Handling departement in Ede, the Netherlands. The building was completed this autumn and has become a real landmark, with its rubiginous metal walls and location near to the A12 highroad.
Lensvelt is very proud to be allowed to contribute to this special building. Together with the architectural office Rempt van der Donk and Lydia van den Boogaard from TMHN they have chosen for a simple, rather minimalistic interior.

In the spacious office rooms in the building Lensvelt placed NaBT meeting tables, Stealth Cabinets, Studio working stations and Lensvelt’s “Than Chairs” with a comfortable lining.

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