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Public Spaces

Wow Lieven

The open space is divided into 3 different colors

Project Wow Lieven 
Architect Carlo Alberto Monteverde
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture

Photography Peter Tijhuis
Location Nieuw-West, Amsterdam

Wow Lieven is a new cultural hub in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, a project of Woonstichting De Key in collaboration with Bureau Broedplaatsen. Wow Lieven is the creative hotspot inside Lieven, where 1200 young people, starters and students live.

The interior design is realized by the architect Carlo Alberto Monteverde. The main concept raised from the request of the client to create a meeting space for artists and visitors, that could become a working spot, but also an exhibition center and a place for interactions.

The area of 200 square metres contains two gallery spaces for exhibitions and performances of artists active in various creative disciplines, a catering space with flexible workplaces and a communal courtyard for all residents of Lieven. The open space is divided into three main areas, recognisable by a distinguished chromatic variation of colour. The Lensvelt furniture creates a nice unity in the concept. The 301 Easy Chairs and the Lensvelt 4000 Meeting Table are applied in the blue area, mainly for concert and exhibitions. At the center, instead, is the yellow area, with a bar and flexi-desks; at the end there is the red area that is principally concerned for dining. Here the Maarten Baas stackable chair and bar stool are used. All chairs are upholstered in Vyva Fabrics Silverguar and the table tops of the 4000 Meeting Tables are finished in the same colour. Last but not least, the Workshop is furnished with No Sign of Design Chairs, designed by Richard Hutten. 


W.H. Gispen 301 chair_ iconic timeless design works well in a modern setting

Division between the yellow area with the bar and workspaces and the blue area with lounge seats

Maarten Baas 901 barstools_ at the bar

A view to the Red area / restaurant, the tables are intended for different uses

W.H. Gispen 301 Easy Chairs_ at the blue area for concerts and exhibitions

No Sign of Design Chairs_ at the Workshop

Maarten Baas 141 stackable chair_ in the restaurant area

Maarten Baas 141_ stackable chair in the restaurant area