The conviction of the founders of ZUS – landscape architects Elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman – is that every place has the potential to be unique and exciting. This also applies to your own workplace in the Schieblock in Rotterdam. In this building they started an anti-cracking project in 2001 that became one of the most important cultural breeding grounds in the city. Here you will find lectures, debates, a bar, a ‘DakAkker’ with bees and vegetables, a restaurant, numerous companies and on the third floor ZUS (short for Zones Urbaines Sensibles).

From a two-man business, ZUS grew to a desk with 30 employees. Time for more serious furniture. ‘Because there are scale models everywhere and cupboards full of books, we wanted as little interior as possible with that messiness’, says Elma van Boxtel. ‘That’s why we opted for good, non-screaming and well-designed gray Boring Office Chairs (and the waste bins) that provide peace of mind at workplaces and at the conference table.’

A freer, happier image fits the lunch table, according to ZUS. The architects, urban planners and landscape architects now have 101 seats on the Maarten Baas. A choice was made for various variants from the range of eight colors and back shapes. As a family of serial unica, they form a funny and playful image together.

‘When I improved the office, I immediately knew that I wanted these chairs from Lensvelt’, says Van Boxtel. ‘The quality is high, the price is good, they are good and the picture is unique and special. Sustainability is also absolutely important. We were looking for timeless furniture that does not get you bored. ”

Over ZUS
Elma van Boxel (1975) and Kristian Koreman (1978) both trained as landscape architects. Van Boxel then studied architecture and urban design, Koreman philosophy. In 2001 they founded ZUS. In the early years they were seen as alternatives in architecture. While others set the largest, wildest buildings, Koreman and Van Boxel were fascinated by spatial developments in the Parisian banlieues, which are called Zones Urbaines Sensibles by the French government – hence the name ZUS. Instead of designing icons, they made plans for vacant office buildings. The Schieblock, divided by the 400 meter long walkway, the Luchtsingel, is an example of this.

In 2007, ZUS won the prestigious Jonge Maaskant Prize as a promising agency. Currently, Almere Duin is being realized, a neighborhood with three thousand homes around an artificial dune landscape with which Almere gets its own Bloemendaal aan Zee, with a beach, valleys with fens and fruit trees. We are working on a book entitled “Incomplete & Unfinished”, with “District E won ZUS in 2017 together with Powerhouse Company the competition for the entrance area of ​​the station square Eindhoven and in the Museo de Arte Moderno in the Colombian city of Medellin comes an overview exhibition of their most provocative work.

ZUS Zones Urbaines Sensibles
Photgrapher: Inga Powilleit

Price Worthy
With Maarten Baas, Space Encounters and Lensvelt, ZUS wins prize winners within the office walls.
Lensvelt and Space Encounters won the Milano Design Award, Best Concept 2016 with the Boring Collection. A Memphis-like office city of archetypal stacked desks, cupboards, office chairs, clocks and waste bins.

In 2017, Lensvelt again won the Milano Design Award, Best Concept. Now together with Maarten Baas. May I have your attention, please? consisted of unique 101 Chairs with eight different backs, from A up to H, and fourteen upholstery and a series of callers from which whispering voices sounded. A statement against the screaming for attention during the Salone del Mobile.
It has never happened before that both a company and a designer won the award twice. Design brand and project designer Lensvelt and designer Maarten Baas have succeeded.

ZUS Zones Urbaines Sensibles
Photgrapher: Inga Powilleit

Nothing New in Fondazione Lensvelt
Lensvelt presents a spectacular anti-statement during the Salone del Mobile 2018 in Museo Diocesane: Nothing New. An installation with icons of star designers and artists. In collaboration with top stylist Maarten Spruyt and a concept by Anne van der Zwaag. Nothing New captures the zeitgeist, come and see Fondazione Lensvelt.

Salone del Mobile, Nothing New, Museo Diocesan, Corso di Porta Ticinese, 95, from April 17-22, 2018.

Maarten Baas 101 chair