ZUS Zones Urbaines Sensibles

ZUS Zones Urbaines Sensibles

A few years ago, Kristian Koreman and Elma van Boxel, the two founders of ZUS, were still regarded as alternatives in architecture. Their work consisted mainly on paper. What they thought was only strange. While the trees were still growing into the sky and the wildest buildings rose everywhere, Koreman and Van Boxel were fascinated by spatial developments in the Parisian banlieues, which are called Zones Urbaines Sensibles by the French government – this is the name ZUS.

Elma van Boxel (1975) and Kristian Koreman (1978) both trained as landscape architects. Van Boxel then studied architecture and urban design, Koreman philosophy. In 2001 they founded ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles).

Give architecture a social role again, that is the mission of ZUS, a young company led by Elma van Boxtel and Kristian Koreman.
ZUS analyzes the contemporary urban landscape. Their realizations range from political research to specific architectural designs.

Rotterdam Design Award-winning 2016 and 2017 products from Lensvelt Contract Furniture were recently used for office use in Rotterdam, namely Boring Task Chairs and Maarten Baas 101 Chairs.

Architects: www.zus.cc
Photography: www.ingapowilleit.nl


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