Felix 141 Chair

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A versatile, contemporary, comfortable, affordable, stackable and adaptable chair

Article number jj0002
Upholstered(see downloads for fabric categories)
Width48 cm
Depth53 cm
Height72 cm
Seat height44 cm
The Story

Felix 141 Chair

The chair is designed by Jeroen Dellensen and Jaspar Jansen for Felix Merites as a chair to be used in numbers. The Felix 141 Chair thus takes the name from Felix Meritis, Europe's oldest cultural building in Amsterdam, for which the chair was designed. The essence of the chair is built around comfort recognizing that people will need to be seated for longer periods of time. Moreover, as it is meant for ease of usage, the chair is stackable and therefore easy to store. The chair is also linkable so that when used in larger quantities in larger rooms they can be neatly and evenly placed apart, ensuring coherence. There are various versions of upholstery as the Felix is ​​not an ego but more of a team player: in a group setup the backs in two colors form one aesthetic whole; the boundary between 'individual' and 'group' thus shifts literally and figuratively.


i29 is an award winning design studio for interior and architecture projects. They are well known for their designs adhering to the power of simplicity. Their main drive is to shape the physical experiences in an ever changing digitalizing world. i29 obtains a greatly diverse portfolio functioning by the motto to think "outside the box" and to have a broad client and user base, enhancing diversification in which standard solutions do not apply. They embrace change and guarantee quality, efficiency and creativity.


Here you can download our product related files. 3D files are also available in our Lensvelt SketchUp 3D Warehouse. 3D Files
20200929185332_STOFFENKAART_Categorie1.pdf Fabric category 1
20210712120949_STOFFENKAART_Categorie2_72dpi.pdf Fabric Category 2
20210712121347_STOFFENKAART_Categorie3_72dpi.pdf Fabric category 3
20210520150320_STOFFENKAART_Categorie4-nieuw.pdf Fabric category 4
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Felix Meritis _i29

Felix Meritis _i29

Felix Meritis _i29

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