Maarten Baas: May I Have Your Attention, Please?.


Milano Design Award is known as the “Oscar of the international design world”. According to the jury Lensvelt and Space Encounters Office for Architecture had the best concept of all 1600 exhibitors.
Other nominees were Tom Dixon and Nike. The jury not only raved about the clever concept, but also about the courage of Lensvelt to create an anti-design statement on the world’s largest design fair. The grey furniture pieces from the Boring Collection are not striking. They are more likely to disappear in the interior, so that attention can be on everything else that matters.

The show was rewarded by the jury ‘for the ability to imagine a new narrative way to the office-product. The project is a simple but effective conceptual innovation with starts from a stereotype to turn it into a playful and engaging experience’.

The exhibition concept was developed in collaboration with Space Encounters Office for Architecture and students from KABK in The Hague. Hans Lensvelt: “We did it as a team.”

Currently the installation for 2018 is being prepared. As everyone has by now come to expect from Lensvelt, it will be a must see. It pushes boundaries, and challenges us as inidividuals and as an industry. An anti-movement. Watch this space for updates.

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