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Lensvelt presents DINKY DUTCH
during Milan Design Week 2023

Lensvelt has transformed its favorite restaurant Dinky in Milan with a spectacular interior. This is not a temporary pop-up created especially for Milan Design Week, to be discarded after a week. No! This interior is sustainable and here to stay from now on and beyond!
The concept for the new interior was created by artist Erik Kessels, who visually sliced the restaurant in two.
From the eye-level comfort of Lensvelt design furniture with chairs by Richard Hutten and Powerhouse Company, you will experience the best of traditional Italian cuisine. As you enjoy the tasteful experience, you will look up from your plate to admire the walls and ceiling, designed and painted by artist Sjeng Kessels, that will take you anywhere from salivating to stimulating.
The new lighting by Modular Lighting Instruments creates the perfect ambience in the room. And if you are lucky enough to grab a seat during Milan Design Week, you might experience a unique live performance around our Empty Chair.
After an inspirational yet long fair day, come for an aperitivo or dinner at Dinky Dutch, a world in two. Unwind, wonder, enjoy and meet! Buon appetito!

Dinky Dutch. 18 - 23 April. Viale Brianza, 36, 20127 Milano

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THIS Bucket Chair_ upholstered in seafoam green fill the main room at the restaurant.