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Miss Nina

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A designer rug with a colored print

Article number NG0001
Nylon- nylon poles with printed image
Cotton- borders with cotton finishing
Width400 cm
Depth200 cm
Height7,4 mm
The Story

Miss Nina

Nina Graziosi was an early adopter of the trend hanging up rugs as art pieces. Inspired by a James Bond movie from the 1670s, Nina bought her own classic tapestry called “The Boar Hunt” from 1620 to hang up in her apartment. This was the catalyst for “Miss Nina” curated for Lensvelt, a classic rug yet still relevant to the zeitgeist of today. The rug is abstract and colorful with a bold brown-orange festoon statement edge.  This rug is explicitly designed to be hung on the wall but naturally can be used for on the floor. The benefits of rugs as wall pieces positively affects inside acoustics and keeps in warmth which can be seen as environmental benefit. However, chosen to be used, Miss Nina creates a pleasant, cozy and calm atmosphere in both rooms and office environments.

Nina Graziosi

Nina Graziosi, founder and owner of the interior architectural firm Graziosi Progetti. Here the primary belief being that interior architecture isn’t merely about aesthetics but has an unimaginable underlying impact on all who encounter it. Creating an environment that translates brand identity and brings forth a pleasant working atmosphere for employees but also for consumers alike. Graziosi Progetti is an energetic and creative interior design agency since 1995, finding its success in both the business and the retail end of the market.


Here you can download our product related files. 3D files are also available in our Lensvelt SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

3682_20230116113114_Miss 3D Files 3D Files
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