De Restauratie

Gispen 202 Chairs_ at the remodeld restaurant

Project Cafe and Brasserie De Restauratie, Eindhoven
Architect Studio Linse
Furniture Original Gispen Chairs by Lensvelt
Photography David Dillen
Location Eindhoven

The famous monumental 'Transistor Radio' at the trainstation in Eindhoven has been converted into an inviting brasserie according to Studio Linse's design. The Gispen chairs of yesteryear are displayed again, in a new version.

A design of simplicity and transparency, graphic and clear with cherished elements such as the restored chandeliers.

In the monumental building from the 1950s, original, authentic elements and style icons such as chandeliers and furniture are combined with the comforts of the 21st century and an offer that meets the needs of today's guests.

Cafe & Brasserie De Restauratie is an innovative catering concept at an unique location in the central hall of Eindhoven railway station. The Gispen chairs stand on a light terrazzo floor that connects the horizontal with the vertical. The restaurant now has 80 seats.

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Gispen 101 Chair_ are displayed again, in a new version.

Eindhoven's famous monumental 'Transistor Radio' building at the train station

The iconic Gispen chairs as used in the past

Gispen 101 Chair_ is combined with the Gispen 202 throughout the premises

Gispen 202 Chair with armrests_ upholstered in the earthy color scheme

The way it was. The original setting at the Restauratie

Gispen 202 Chair_ upholstered

Gispen 101 Chair_ upholstered