W.H. Gispen

Willem Hendrik Gispen and his cousin Ru Meijer co-founded the furniture wholesale company Kembo in 1953. Lensvelt invested and bought Kembo in 2014. Now the company has re-announced seven classics from W.H. Gispen to be included in the standard collection by the name "W.H. Gispen from Kembo by Lensvelt… with love ".

The collection entails five chairs and two armchairs designed by Willem Hendrik Gispen (1890-1981), that were part of Kembo's previous collection. The seven models date back from the 1950s. Hans Lensvelt calls them “Evergreens”. Lensvelt proclaims “the aesthetic quality of these chairs are exceptional. Having said that, the designs also fit flawlessly in today's interiors. ”

W.H. Gispen Chairs have sleek lines, modern curves and a light steel frame. All chairs are sophisticated, comfortable and timeless design pieces. The Gispen collection is produced in the Netherlands using modern techniques, but retaining original design. They can be used in office, at a dining table or simply as a statement design piece. Slight differentiations in this collection adhere to the backrest, use of armrests and various colors of upholstery.

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