From our circular pool you buy the usage of product(s), rather than the possession(s) of products

We believe in a circular pool

Lensvelt is the first furniture label with a circular based business model. All of the world’s current financial business models are cultivated through endless consumption. 

Consumption undoubtably leads to the use of energy and raw materials and nothing is more sustainable than no human consumption at all. As we here at Lensvelt are aware of the ‘glitch’ in the system that does not adhere to our philosophy regarding sustainability we have thus made an important investment in what we like to call ‘The Circular Pool’.

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Pop up restaurant Oumuamua

An AVL Cathedra lounger from our circular pool at the pop up restaurant

Yellow Bucket chairs are also from our Circular Pool

From this circular pool you can purchase the use of products, instead of owning products. Naturally, this comes with both its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages for the user allows for increased overall consumption sustainability as well as flexibility. Where the pieces of furniture can return back to the pool where the product can receive chance at a new life. Here you can anticipate changes within the organization and Lensvelt ensures that the furniture remains in pristine condition. 

Since we invested and own our own locations it allows us to decrease financial burdens as it is less expensive than overall renting costs. Additionally, we work with a yearly fixed forcasting and guaranteeing no unforeseen costs. 

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This Chairs are refurbished and re-used

Office chairs and tables from our circular pool at the temporary office of DDW

We take back all our products

The Circular Pool allows us to retrieve all of our own products. Since 2019 all Lensvelt products have a reference sticker that connects back to the website that allows us to manage and administrate the take back of all our products. We believe that the products that meet the functional, occupational health/safety and quality requirements deserve a second life. Once reused, they offer another user new pleasure, utilizing the concept of a circular economy breaking the take, make, waste cycle. It is important to note that we disassemble and recycle products and product parts that do not meet these requirements as we like to adhere to the highest standard of quality and do not accept giving the user a faulty product.


A second life for a Boring Task chair at the offices of DDW

Re-used office furniture from the Lensvelt Circular pool at DDW

The HQ of political party SP was furnished with recycled furniture


We ensure that furniture can always be refurbished and is continuously updated and modernized. We clean the upholstery and change the height adjustment systems (for instance from a push button to adjustability with a crank).

At Lensvelt we anticipate any change(s) of the initial requirements and/or needs in the workplace. Is there a need for a cable duct or new cladding? We convert fluorescent fixtures and desk lighting to LED lighting. We will arrange whatever needs to be done and pride ourselves on not just manufacturing new chairs and desks ready to be sold off. 


A meeting room at SP headquarters in Oss

Previously used This Chairs and tables

Even design classics like our Stealth Cabinet are part of the circular pool