Project Nieuwspoort
Location The Hague
Architect The Thirsty Fisherman
Furniture Lensvelt contract Furniture
Photography Adam van Noort

Freedom of the press and promotion of free speech in a democratic state. That is what Nieuwspoort stands for and It has been closely associated with the Lower House since 1962. When the Lower House moved into its temporary accommodation on Bezuidenhoutseweg, it was time for Nieuwspoort to join it as well. The press center is a meeting place for politicians, journalists and political professionals. A unique place where you can both be yourself in the warm, cozy and hospitable hospitality, and where everything is in place to function as a (digital) press center. A place of free speech.

tekst 1

THIS 141 Chair

Maarten Baas Barstool

THIS 141 Chair

Maarten Baas Barstool

The restaurant is characterized by a combination of warm colors and soft materials. It accommodates the 2,000 gatekeepers and guests. It is a cozy and welcoming place. Combinations of lounge seating, covered tables, high seating and café seating are decorated with furniture by Dutch designers, such as Maarten Baas and Gispen. The bar is made of walnut and is inspired by the famous classic bar.
The event area of Nieuwspoort is designed to allow as much freedom as possible in the use of the space. It can be used as a whole, or divided into all kinds of configurations of smaller rooms. This makes it suitable, for example, for meetings, press conferences, parties, book presentations and more. The base is done in the same color tones as the other rooms, but where the restaurant has more of an emphasis on warm tones, this area has a more modern look and features more business-like, cool tones. The flexible walls are covered with ton-sur-ton nuances in different blue fabrics. To match this, a carpet was chosen with blue color areas that extend beyond the partition walls, allowing the visitor to see that the space continues even when the partition walls divide the space. All this is complemented by project furniture with distinctively bright colors as a contrast to the more businesslike studio look. This adds the warmth and vibrancy that is so fitting for Nieuwspoort.

Tekst 2

tekst 3

W.H. Gispen 205 Chair

Maarten Baas Barstool

The social area within the restaurant is separated by a light, flexible structure. It refers to an old library, with the cabinet and portrait wall taking center stage.

People enter through the event entrance of the building on Bezuidenhoutseweg. Here use can use the scanning lanes already present. From the central square that leads employees and visitors further into the building, the entrance to Nieuwspoort is also clearly visible through the warm walnut counter furniture in this predominantly concrete and stone space. Through the facade, the two blue gates are already gates that seem to guide you into a new world. guide. Through here you enter the connecting foyer of Nieuwspoort.

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