The Lazy Modernist, AVL Office chairs and AVL Workbench in a fresh green colour, all designed by Atelier van Lieshout

AVL office chairs & AVL workbench

AVL koker chairs

a custom made tree bartable with Made In The Workshop barstools - black edition

Project Rijnboutt
architect Rijnboutt 
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture
Location Amsterdam
Photography Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Rijnboutt was situated in between two locations in Amsterdam. When they heard about an office development at the head of the Moermanskkade in the Houthavens in Amsterdam, the architectural firm seized the opportunity. They rented the two top floors with breathtaking views of the harbor, the IJ and the city. The task was clear: to merge both locations and create an environment where the architectural firm can excel. Rijnboutt made an open design together with Fokkema & Partners.

tekst 1

Tree table with koker chairs

Different places can be used in various ways: as a workplace, collective workplace, workshop space, quiet room, landing areas for informal consultation or as a work café. 

Polyester ‘tree tables’ were developed with Lensvelt for the landing areas. The secluded areas contain the consultation rooms, the kitchen, stairwells and sanitary facilities. An important part of the office is the large wooden grandstand staircase that connects both floors. The staircase houses the office's large library, but can also be transformed into an auditorium by a large curtain. The interior facilitates the daily work of the designers and stimulates meeting and sharing knowledge and experience.

Lazy modernist in the background, AVL office chairs sit at a Workbench

AVL office chairs in a conference room

A lazy modernist in a silence area

The custom made tree table with koker chairs