Public Spaces

Rijnstraat 8 The Hague

Blocks seating system_ at a foyer at Rijnstraat 8

Project Rijnstraat 8, The Hague
Architect O.M.A.
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture
Photography Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti, Kick Smeets, 
Michael van Oosten

Rijnstraat 8 was the first PPP project (Public, Private Partnership) for OMA. It was the former Ministry of VROM that represented the innovative office classification - the atria was a leading example of sustainability. It was an assignment with several future users, including various ministries, with an existing building curated by a different architect and a design and interior that should be able to withstand all (un)conceivable changes over the next 25 years. Challenge is to make a flexible office building for about 12,000 seats, that also has to comply with more than 500+ pages of requirements. OMA’s design gives the building a new connected relationship with the city of The Hague, both visually through a large new glass facade and functionally by creating a new, enlarged passageway that functions as a public square. The open offices help to reveal the internal functions of the building. The central conservatory, surrounded by administrative squares and office landscapes allows for a variety of meeting and work spaces. Flexible ways of working that require less office space and with an extensive range of furniture providing exactly what one needs at any given time.

tekst 1

The exterior of Rijnstraat 8 in The Hague

Blocks seating system_ on the ground floor

Blocks lounging edition_ combines into a modular unit

The atrium is filled with lush green plants and deep green seating.

President Obama sat in one of our AVL Presidential chairs during the Summit

Blocks seating system_ is applied in the minister's waiting area

Another view of the waiting room of one of the ministers in the building

The building has 12,000 seats, many of which are office units