The Movement Hotel

AVL Glyder_

project Pop up hotel The Movement
Interior architect Chris Burghard, ÈMCÉ interior architecture
furniture Lensvelt Contract B.V.
location Bijlmer Bajes, Amsterdam

Located in the former Bijlmer Bajes prison in Amsterdam, pop up hotel The Movement was run by refugees and professionals together. The hotel is a movement that aims to make asylum seekers more resilient through job training and give them a chance for a new start in the Netherlands.

The hotel is an initiative of ‘Movement on the Ground’, a non-profit organization responding to humanitarian crises affecting innocent people forced from their homes by climate change, poverty and war. 

Lensvelt supplied the furniture in the lobby and common areas, based on a design by Chris Burghard. Both the architect and Lensvelt delivered under high pressure, as the entire concept and execution was realized within 5 weeks. The salmon pink reception area is complemented by bright red Lensvelt furniture. This project features AVL Glyders and AVL SPR Cathedras upholstered in Lensvelt Uni Red, and Richard Hutten’s This 141 PP Chair and Barstools also in red. All furniture was made available as part of a circular usage model, and was partly sponsored by Lensvelt. It remains the property of Lensvelt and was returned when the hotel closed.

tekst 1

Meeting table square_ is 60 x 60 cm, avaialble in max 120 x 120 cm

Meeting table round_ available in various sizes from 60 to 120 cm diameter

This Chair_ combined with meeting table 4000 square

This 941 barstool_ also available in low back and different seat heights

A peek inside the colorful foyer

4000 meeting table_ at the foyer combined with the This Chair and AVL Glyder sofa

The corridor to the rooms what used to be the prison cells

One of the converted rooms of the Movement hotel

Lensvelt provided circular furniture for this pop up hotel

AVL Glyder sofa_ available in different sizes

The courtyard of the old prison

An other view of the This barstool_ at the foyer