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Rode Hoed

W.H. Gispen 302 Easy Chair

Project Rode Hoed, Amsterdam
Architect Studio Kroes
Interior concept & design JPS Architecten & Lensvelt
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture
Photography Chiel de Nooyer, Studio de Nooyer

Rode Hoed is generally known as a cultural and social debate centre, a playground for the thinkers and doers who make up our society. From the beginning of the 17th century, the building served as a secret church, where Remonstrants enjoyed freedom of thought and assembly. Because the Remonstrants were not allowed to profess their faith in public, the church was hidden between four buildings with no entrence at the street-side.

Studio Kroes was commissioned to bring the Rode Hoed into the present and perhaps beyond. All the rooms have regained their authentic character. All conference/meeting rooms have also been marked with an eye for distinction, making each room a unique experience. JPS architects, in cooperation with Lensvelt, have furnished the various rooms in the Rode Hoed.

The rooms have regained their original allure through the use of high-quality products and materials. For example, the fabric wallpaper in the Green Room is the result of a collaboration between the Dutch design brand Moooi and the Italian wallcovering company Arte. At the boardroom table, there are W.H. Gispen 202 chairs in various fabrics. The THIS chairs stand out well in the Banningzaal and the Zwanenzaal. And you can sit on them comfortably for hours.

Together with Studio Kroes and JPS Architects, we gave the Rode Hoed back the love it had lost, while honouring the location's rich history and cultural heritage. De Rode Hoed has literally been given a new look.


Gispen 202 Chair at the boardroom table in the Groenzaal

THIS upholstered 141 Chairs in the Zwanenzaal

HAY Stool we also supply other brands

THIS upholstered 141 Chair in the Zwanenzaal

THIS upholstered 141 Chair in the Banningzaal

Maarten Baas 902 Barstools all a different shape and shade of red

THIS upholstered 141 Chair in the Banningzaal

THIS upholstered 141 Chair in the Vrijburgzaal

This 141 Chairs in the Vrijburgzaal

THIS upholstered 141 Chair in the Vrijburgzaal