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The warehouse in Breda with our own vehicles.

We recycle plastic which is used for distribution of our products – it has a lower carbon footprint than many alternative materials.

Transport and packaging are the biggest pollutants

As waste management is an overall worldly problem in all industries, we like to implement strategies to combat our unnecessary waste to fulfill our social responsibility and lower our carbon footprint we leave behind, these are as follows;

1. We reduce our ecological footprint by acquiring our own warehouse. This allows us to work with optimal order volumes. 

2. We use our own means of transport. Planning short, optimal and efficient routes where we will visit both customers and suppliers in a single transit utilizing time and energy. Moreover, we rarely drive with empty vehicles as we believe this is highly inefficient. As a result of taking care of the transport ourselves, we efficiently package products with blankets. 

3. Having an own warehouse as an asset and means of transport reduce the entire transport movements to a minimum.  

4. Lastly, we opt and prefer using as little packaging material as possible.

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Plastic in the circular economy is reused, recycled or composted.

Hans Lensvelt at the warehouse in Breda

We rarely drive with empty vehicles