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We searched the internet for our very own furniture as a sustainable statement and bought back a vintage Stealth Cabinet for the Lensvelt Presentation during Milan Design Week 2018

Sustainable furniture by Lensvelt

Timeless designs

Our products are curated by the most talented & remarkable designers, architects and interior designers.

These are design pieces that aren’t simply just bought, they are not intended for disposable use as products but adhere to offer so much more. Our products are impeccably designed, in which we interpret to be: sober, functional, logical and timeless. Where timelessness is essential and stands at the core of the entire Lensvelt philosophy. One can ask themselves if a chair can even be a timeless item? And how/when does it present the highest standards of quality? We believe this is showcased through a guarantee, the guarantee being frequency of purchase and item durability. This timelessness is what we were confronted with during our presentation in Milan back in 2018, at the Diocesano museum.

tekst 1

The presentation in Milan in 2018, at the Diocesano museum.

We did not obtain any new designs that year and we did not want to develop something new just because there happened to be a fair Lensvelt was attending. Therefore, we decided to only present our existing product line but let Maarten Spruyt style them. This was followed by searching for our very own furniture on the internet, that turned out to cost more online than what we ourselves buy as new furniture for from our suppliers. This in itself inherently says something about the design and quality of our products. 

tekst 2

The Boring Collection installation was 'recycled' at Museo Diocesano

Hans Lensvelt with curator Maarten Spruyt

Left an used 'Made In The Workshop' office chair by Piet Hein Eek and Job Desk which was launced in 2012

No idea high chair

Classic designs by Maarten van Severen

Hans Lensvelt with designer Maarten Baas en Anne van der Zwaag

PH1 barstools on the left and used Maarten Baas Chairs