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Triodos Bank

W.H. Gispen chairs_ at the meeting places that are oriented to the outside

W.H. Gispen 202 chairs_ in a stunning rich blue color inside a meeting room

Project Triodos Bank 
Design Team Rau Architects, Ex Interiors, Arcadis
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture
Photography Alexander van Berge
Location Driebergen-Rijsenburg, NL

The Triodos Bank Headquarters, buil​t on the original estate of De Reehorst is more than ​just a sustainable building. The project is optimally integrated into the natural environment and allows for a new impulse to the estate as ​a main ecological structure in various different ways.

The design has won several awards such as the Architectenweb Award ‘Kantoorgebouw van het jaar 2019’ (Office Building of the Year), Cobouw Award ‘Meest Duurzame Project van het jaar 2019’ (Most Sustainable Project of the Year), a ‘Golden Frog’ for the 'Duurzaam Bouwen Award 2020' (Sustainable Construction Award) and the Award ’Natuurinclusief Bouwen en Ontwerpen 2019 (Nature-inclusive Construction and Design).

Interior architect Odette Ex: 'Together with the design team we built a real 'gesamtkunstwerk' a project between landscape, architecture and interior. The interior had to remaining subordinate to the building and its surroundings.'

The meeting places and workplaces are both oriented towards the outside. Odette Ex used several chairs from the Lensvelt Collection, like the W.H. Gispen chairs, AVL Presidential Chair and the Boring Task Chair for the first floor.

The interior had to remain subordinate to the building and its surroundings

W.H. Gispen 205 chairs_ in different upholstery create meeting spots

AVL Presidential Chairs_ are sitting under a ceiling resembling a large mushroom

Triodos Bank HQ is optimally integrated into the natural environment, hence the impressive glass facade