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Twynstra Gudde

AVL Workbench_ is a striking and sturdy table made from polyester

Not A Big Thing table_ is combined with Boring Visitor chairs all in red

Project Twynstra Gudde
Architect Beyond Space
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture
Location Amersfoort
Photography Peter Tijhuis

Schipper Bosch Development commissioned Beyond Space the contract for the design of a new office building in Amersfoort. The new office space has two floors added to the existing building. The ambition was to create a flexible, non-conventional office layout that also results in innovative choices in the field of construction methodology.

tekst 1

AVL Workbench in red allows for a meeting spot

Boring Visitor chairs_ with a Not A big Thing table from the Lensvelt Collection

AVL Office chairs_ in black leather in one of the meeting rooms

W.H. Gispen 301 Easy chairs_ sitting across a Gispen coffee table and the AVL Glyder

The grand industrial gestures of the building become friendly and soft, the project is also energy and raw materials neutral. There are solar panels on the roof, for heating the building and is connected to a local heat network.

The interior is completely in the service of the building. The Boring Collection is used to make room. Color clusters with pieces of furniture on which consultation or relaxation can take place fill the space in a natural and fresh way. Lensvelt developed other notable specials such as mobile acoustic panels that function as flexible walls. The panels separate the workplaces and at the same time are carriers of varying works of art from the extensive collection of Twynstra Gudde. As the building connects the past, the present and the future.

tekst 2

Boring Collection_ with a beatiful view in the background

Boring Task Chair_ with netweave back is an adjustable office chair in Boring grey

AVL Koker chairs with armrests_ inside one of the meeting rooms

Not A Big Thing table_ and Boring Visitor chairs in a fresh green color

The AVL Workbench allows for a good meeting spot at the office

Many different furniture from the Lensvelt Collection were applied in yellow

W.H. Gispen 201 chair_ taking centre stage in a fresh green color