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Axel Springer

The interior of the new building of German media company Axel Springer in Berlin

The futuristic building was designed by Rem Koolhaas

project HQ Media concern Axel Springer
architect Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture
photography Laurian Ghinitoiu, Gwenda Gieseler

Lensvelt collaborated with OMA on the interior of the new building of German media company Axel Springer in Berlin. The futuristic building, not far from Checkpoint Charlie, was designed by Rem Koolhaas, architect and founder of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). The design of the building with an open floorplan and private quite spaces, serves as a symbol and tool for the future of this leading digital media company.

tekst 1

A meeting place on the ground floor in the main hall with soft islands with colorfull backrests

Red foam blocks at the Coworking area, a round sofa and the AVL Visitor Chair (right)

Lensvelt developed 12 different shaped sofas

The building is characterized by its open, transparent architecture

OMA architect in charge Katrin Betschinger and Philippe Braun (left) with Lensvelt CEO Rob Brugge (right) and sales associate Mick van der Kolff

The objective for the modern workingspaces

The building expands the traditional concept of working spaces by bringing "people and their interaction" to the core of the building with a giant diagonal atrium. The design of the new offices is based on 75% formal workspaces against 25% informal spaces. The building offers 52,000 square meters of work space and is characterized by its open, transparent architecture.

Lensvelt senior sales associate Mick van der Kolff initially encountered the architects of OMA two years ago and discussed possibilities in an early stage of the development

Katrin Betschinger, architect in charge focused on customized furniture as well as on the acoustic conditions in an open workplace for more than 3000 employees.

Lensvelt developed a range of products for this specific project: easy to assemble and disassemble sofas in 12 different shapes for long term use and 8 different island seats designed by OMA. Printer pods, safety benches, base units with screens for office supplies and power units, acoustic lockers and Lensvelt’s own iconic Stealth cabinet, the best and original acoustic cabinet designed by Wiel Arets. 

tekst 2

The view from one of the 13 indoor bridges

The design features an atrium, which runs diagonally through the center of the building

OMA chose a pastel color palette with accent colors

One of the island seats designed by OMA

Lensvelt's projectmanager Gwenda Gieseler moved to Berlin for 7 months, where she was coordinating deliveries of 72 truckloads of furniture. ‘A remarkable experience in times of Covid19, yet also exciting to be working at such an extraordinary project’. Gwenda regulated shipments in close contact with our producers and transporters.

‘In preparation of the delivery I made sure the security department was aware of our shipment. A team of local technicians were set with all the information they needed, to put all items together correctly and disperse to the right place in this large building. I personally checked all the products, the installation and completion area by area.’

Gwenda had kept in touch with the customers at all times for any questions that arised or any requests to guarantee the desired quality of the Lensvelt products.

tekst 3

AVL Visitor Chairs at a conference table with a Stealth cabinet in the background

Meters long soft pink sofas at the informal spaces

Two tone sofas combined with black Maarten van Severen chairs

The Stealth Cabinet is multi functional

The triangle-shaped stage consists of a red lacquered wooden body with a blue seat which is made of coated foam

The Stealth Cabinet has also been applied in black

Acoustic lockers and Lensvelt’s own Stealth cabinet next to MVS CN chair

Soft sofas in bright colors contrast the pastel palette

Multi functional and movable base units

Digitally operated lockers

Specially developed products with acoustic walls

Stealth cabinets with acoustic doors