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'This Chair'_ was designed by one of the most environmentally conscious designers. Click here and read more about Richard Hutten.

Even the new mezzanine in the Breda showroom is made of our own recycled floorboards

What we do to be green 

Providing solutions that are good for people, the planet and the economy is what we are all about. Our philosophy is that the use of a piece of furniture is key. Not ownership. This is the premise behind our production and purchasing. We believe in a circular economy and it is important for us to work according to these principles. 
We like to work with suppliers who have a clear and determined vision on sustainability. Furthermore, we allocate substantial investments to our sustainable energy division.

As an example: we invested €300,000 on solar panels on the roof of our office building in Breda. Here we produce more electricity than that we use in both our Breda and Amsterdam buildings.

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Our commitment to sustainability

A brief overview of other things we do:

- Sustainable product development. 

- Sustainable suppliers.

- Preventing overproduction with flexible suppliers.

- Reduced CO2 emissions through local production.

- Environmentally conscious packaging and transportation.

- Offset CO2 footprint through tree planting.

- Our products are circular.

- A second life for our products.

- Certification according to ISO 14001: 2015

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Cupboards made of residual waste of Lensvelts own furniture production by Teun Zwets

Het Stedelijk Museum_ in Amsterdam uses furniture from our circular pool

Discover our Circular Pool:
Pay for use, sustainable into the future

In a world where consumption comes with the usage of energy and raw materials, we strive for a more sustainable approach. This is why we are introducing our innovative circular pool. This is not about ownership, but about the use of our furniture. Discover how this approach, with all its advantages, can take your project design to a new level:

1. Sustainable use: the circular pole utilizes our furniture to the fullest, paying attention to sustainability. At the end of use, we take the furniture back and give them a new life, without waste.

2. Preservation of quality: when furniture is no longer needed, we renovate it with care, making it almost like new. We ensure that our furniture remains in optimal condition throughout its life cycle. 

3. Flexibility and anticipation: As your organization evolves, we move with you. Our circular pool allows us to quickly adapt to change. Whether you need more, less or different furniture, we are there to advise and facilitate you.

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4. Cost efficiency: Our circular pool offers cost-effective solutions. You invest in usage instead of making new purchases.

5. Stable budget: No unexpected costs. With our circular pool, you know exactly what to expect and keep your budget under control.

Of course, there are some considerations to share:

- Administrative convenience: When using the circular pool, you will receive a monthly invoice, a little more administration, but the positive impact on the environment makes this small inconvenience worth it.

- A diverse selection: The assortment within our circular pool may be limited compared to traditional purchases. But consider that your choice contributes to less waste and a healthier planet.

Sustainable project design

At Lensvelt, we see a growing interest from different sectors, such as municipalities and the central government. For them, too, the social and ecological aspect is just as important as financial considerations. Together we embrace the vision of a more beautiful world, in which less waste and sustainability are central.

Choose the future today with our circular pool. Together, we will take the step towards a smarter, more sustainable and inspiring project design.

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Lensvelt showcased reused furniture, such as our own Boring Collection, Milan Design Week 2018.

Airport system Blink_ is a good example of our sustainable product development.

Tank office chair_ a challenge in the design process to translate a distinct and circular construction into a NEN 1335 certified office chair.