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This Bucket Chair_ eco friendly chair made from 100% post consumer plastic.

Producing sustainably:
furniture with enduring quality

The best way to produce sustainably is to design timeless design. We make furniture that never gets boring, and that is of the highest, enduring quality. Simple, functional and logical to use. They are gems that you buy and don't simply discard.

As a result, our furniture lasts for decades. That's what we call aesthetic durability. If a customer wants different furniture, we give our chairs and tables a second life. Or we dispose of the furniture as sustainably as possible.

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Our products are circular

The way we do business, build and work together is centered on the sustainable use of people and raw materials. That is why we have set up a system that increases the sustainability of furniture. We process products and raw materials innovatively and opt for smart use. This way, we avoid waste and contribute to a better environment. Our products can be completely and quickly disassembled. This allows a product to be reduced to elements that consist of only one material. Are the elements broken? Then we replace them. This way, a product remains in circulation indefinitely; we extend its lifespan. If this is not possible or if the furniture no longer meets the health and safety and quality requirements? Then we disassemble them and reuse the product as raw material. We also donate circular furniture to charities.

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Product passport_ can be found as a download with each item in our webshop

Sustainable product development

We use recycled materials whenever possible. The following is our policy on the use of raw materials if we cannot use recycled material :

  • Raw materials such as wood are certified.
  • All raw materials can be traced back to where they came from and whether they were extracted and used in the most sustainable way possible.
  • We use plastic only if there is no suitable alternative.
  • We select all materials based on the possibility of recycling.
  • We select materials based on minimal energy consumption;
  • We make a product passport of each product. Each product has a unique number. From this number we can immediately see which piece of furniture it is. We know what the product is made of, when it was made and where it was produced. Are spare parts needed? If so, this makes it easy to find them.

tekst 3 Hans Lensvelt with curator Maarten Spruyt

Aluminum Series_ 100% re-usable aluminium desk, table and stool.

Unique branding number tells us which piece of furniture this is, what it is made of and where it was produced.

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