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TANK Interior Design Agency

TANK is an international interior design studio, realizing customized and outstanding designs for hospitality, lifestyle, office and private projects. The award-winning, Amsterdam-based agency was founded in 2013 by Sanne Schenk and Tommy Kleerekoper, who together bring years of experience in the design and branding industry to the table.

With its highly creative multidisciplinary team, Tank has been delivering exceptional work for many well-known names, ranging from Adyen and FD Mediagroep to Vermaat, Hotel Arena and A'DAM Tower. Together with Lensvelt, TANK developed the Tank Chair: a stylish and sustainable chair, built like a tank.

The Tank Chair

The Tank Chair is designed by TANK Interior Design Agency for Lensvelt. A sturdy chair that doesn't look like a soulless piece of office furniture. It is a comfortable chair that complies with all health and safety standards and is also 100 percent circular. That is the challenging basic principle of the Tank Chair. "A chair that stands out but not in a flashy way," says Sanne Schenk, creative director & co-founder of TANK.

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The Tank Chair is availlable in various standard colors.

Clear construction

The Tank Chair has a straightforward frame of square metal tubes with perfectly straight ninety-degree angles. "From the outside you only see horizontal and vertical lines. The square back and armrests are clamped into a metal fork. This allows you to see at a glance how the chair is made," says Schenk. "We designed this symmetrical shape by sliding blocks across the paper, as it were." 
The advantage of this clear construction is that the individual parts are easy to replace. This allows the chair to be disassembled and recycled at the end of its life.

tekst 2 tank chair


A NEN 1335 certified office chair

In addition, genuine materials such as metal, leather and fabric are used. Only the wheels are plastic. "But those are original inline skate wheels and therefore indestructible. These wheels provide the no-nonsense chair of a cheerful twist," says Schenk, who with Tank designed various interiors such as the Vondelgym, the ADAM Tower and the headquarters of property developer Lingotto.

The big challenge in the design process of this chair was to translate a distinct and circular construction into a NEN 1335 certified office chair. "But in the end, we hardly had to make any adjustments to the striking silhouette."  The back is adjustable in height; the armrests are adjustable in height and width. The seat is adjustable in height and seat depth. The back is tiltable, in which the counter pressure can be adjusted with a rotary knob. Schenk: "The Tank Chair complies with all health and safety regulations. Even the wheels have a brake so that the chair does not slip away when standing up."

tekst 3 tank chair



Upholstery and covering.

Solid simplicity

The Tank Chair is available in three standard versions, each in a solid color. This emphasizes the bloc, solid look. The most rugged version has a khaki frame covered with original army tent fabric . More subtle is the version with a black frame and black leather upholstery with striking outward stitched seams. The refined version has a brownish-red powder-coat finish and Ohmann leather. "With larger orders, there is an almost unlimited freedom of choice in both frame and upholstery."

If it were up to Schenk, the chair would be further enhanced with various add-ons. "You can think of a coat hanger or hooks for a bag. Employees are increasingly changing their workspace and this chair allows you to make a workplace personal." Although the chair has plenty of personality itself, it looks a bit like a little robot from a distance." The Tank Chair demonstrates the power of simplicity, Schenk summarizes. "This chair can't be broken and it radiates that."

tekst 5 tank chair

Tank Chair - Black Leather

Tank Chair - Army green