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Wiel Arets

Wiel Arets Architects (WAA) is a cosmopolitan architecture and design firm with studios in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. WAA is comprised of an international team of of architects, designers and thinkers and is currently involved in large number of projects globally.

Arets himself is known for simple and abstract designs and an uncomplicated use of color. The output of WAA is acclaimed for both its craftsmanship and tactility. Arets worked on the restoration of the Glass Palace in his hometown Heerlen, the IJhal in Amsterdam and Urban Studios in Maasticht.

Arets designed the Lensvelt headquarters in Breda build in 1997 and the Stealth Cabinet, a Lensvelt design classic.

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Lensvelt showroom_ and warehouse in Breda was designed by Wiel Arets in 1997 in collaboration with Hans Lensvelt

Stealth Cabinet_ is a design classic that Wiel developed for Lensvelt

Lensvelt showroom_ in Breda boasts an inpressive entrance.