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The program A tree for A Workstation has been moved to Malaga, southern Spain

A tree for a workstation

We cherish the program: A tree for a workstation. Since 1999, we have implemented a notion where clientele have the option to plant a tree for a purchased workplace. We alongside our clients have currently planted two full hectares in Belgium, and now found a significantly larger area of 14 hectares in Malaga, southern Spain.

There we have started planting palm trees in a palm tree research center to support the project: A Tree for a Workstation, doing our part to combat climate change where we can. 

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A wide variety of deciduous trees

Two thousand trees were planted in Belgium since 1999

The potential of the palmtree

Palm trees have great potential for absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere; something that is a high priority for a large number of government and non-government agencies. Compared to other plants of a similar size, the palm tree requires a minimal amount of water, that's a great advantage.

According to Henson [87], a hectare of palm trees can absorb a net amount of 64 tons of CO2 each year and produces around 18 tons of oxygen, which is higher than a forest's net absorption.


'A Tree for A Workstation' is our tree planting program that started in Belgium

Palm trees are planted at the Palm research center

We are planting 14 hectares of trees doing our part to combat climate change

We moved our activities abroad

Palm trees and olive trees stand side by side in Tolox