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Gerrit Rietveld

Gerrit Rietveld (1888 – 1964) was a famous Dutch architect and furniture designer. A pioneer of modern design. Associated with the “De Stijl” movement, his progressive approach to architecture and furniture made a huge impact in the Netherlands and internationally. De Stijl still serves as inspiration to the modern-day Dutch Design movement. The movement was founded in 1917 including: Theo van Doesburg, Piet Mondriaan and Bart van der Leck. Rietveld had joined this movement as an architect and furniture designer.

Military Series

In 1923, Rietveld designed the Military series for the Catholic Military Home in Utrecht. In this series, using bolts and nuts to connect wooden elements rather than the traditional wooden dowel pins. Robust, strong and notable due to the use of cross beams and contrasting colors. The table top is made of solid oak that is painted natural, whitewash, white, black or red. The frame whose ends are finished with a contrasting color is available in white, black or red or grey.

Lensvelt is the exclusive distributor of the Military Series by Gerrit Rietveld since 2017

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Military Chairs covered with Furniture Linoleum by Forbo @Kazerne Eindhoven

A special edition of the Military Chair

In collaboration with Forbo Flooring and Rietveld Originals, we gave the Military Chair a new look during Dutch Design Week 2019. Forbo Flooring presented their new linoleum for furniture this DDW and in the Kazerne six Military Chairs were presented, which are provided with different colours of Furniture Linoleum. The Military Chair, designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1923, is made up of horizontal and vertical planes. This makes the chair very suitable for the application of Furniture Linoleum, says designer Thomas Eurlings, who is involved in the project on behalf of Forbo. According to Eurlings, the linoleum enriches the chair with softness and tactility. This gives the characteristic design a new look.

tekst Lensvelt X forbo

Dutch Design Week 2019

Military Chairs covered with Furniture Linoleum by Forbo


Dutch Pavilion Cannes Film Festival | Sabine Marcelis Photo: Lothaire Hucki

Dutch Pavilion Cannes Film Festival | Sabine Marcelis  Photo: Lothaire Hucki

Dutch Pavilion Cannes Film Festival | Sabine Marcelis Photo: Lothaire Hucki

Dutch Pavilion Cannes Film Festival 

100 Years after the invention of De Stijl, Studio Sabine Marcelis has reinterpreted Mondriaan’s iconic painting Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow (1935) as a three-dimensional experience for the Dutch Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival, in collaboration with EYE International, the Nederlands Film Fund, and Het Nieuwe Instituut. Sabine Marcelis created a Spatial Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow. She used furniture designs by Gerrit Rietveld, Martin Visser and Radbout van Beekum. The Pavilion was awarded the special jury prize by the jury. 

The Military Series perfectly fits the presentation because its robust, strong and notable due to the use of cross beams and contrasting colors. 

In 1917, Theo van Doesburg published the first edition of De Stijl, a magazine that would launch an art movement that would become one of the most significant cultural legacies of the Netherlands in the modern era. De Stijl was characterised by simple planes and geometric forms, clear primary colours, and graphic qualities of outline and pattern in a variety of scales, from magazines to architecture. In particular, the paintings by the artist Piet Mondriaan with red, blue and yellow, bounded by black lines and white space, defined what De Stijl meant for an international audience.

Pictures by Lothaire Hucki

A tekst

Sabine Marcelis Photo: Valentina Vos/Lumen Photo

Military Stool Black & White


The launch of the Military Series at the Lensvelt Gallery Amsterdam since 2017 is Lensvelt the exclusive distributor of the Military Series by Gerrit Rietveld

Military Stool & Chair

Military Series

Rietveld Steltman Chair & Military Series

Military Series & Rietveld Spectrum Press Room Chair

Invitation Launch Military Series

The cooperation between Rietveld Originals and Lensvelt was celebrated on 24 May with a product presentation of the Military Series in the Lensvelt gallery at Herengracht 178 in Amsterdam.
Prior to the product presentation there was a symposium about Gerrit Rietveld, with three speakers: Professor Hans Beunderman, Jurjen Creman and Jessica van Geel. 

They shed their light on Gerrit Rietveld - as a furniture maker, a designer and simply as a human being. How did a carpenter's son become the most famous architect and furniture designer of the Netherlands?

Take a look at the beautiful pictures taken on this special evening. The photos were taken by Chantalle Laurent and the exhibition was created by Kamer465. 


Martine Eskes (Board Member of the Foundation Copyright Rietveld) and writer Jessica van Geel

Titus Darley, Marine Eskes, Ruby Boes and Hans Lensvelt

Ludo van Halem, Rob Driessen and Niek Schoenmakers

... and Jurjen Creman

...., Hans Beunderman and Manous Nelemans

Ida van Zijl and Natalie Dubois

Marcia Sookha and Hans Jan Durr

Lensvelt Gallery full of visitors

Lensvelt Gallery 2017 Launch of Military Series

Fauteuil Metz & Co Gerrit Rietveld | 1942

Berlin Chair Gerrit Rietveld | 1923


Military Collection_ Table and Chair

Military Collection_ Table and Stool

Military Chair

Military Chair

Military Collection_ Chair and Stool

Military Stool