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Felix Meritis

Felix Chair at the 'Columns room'/Zuilen zaal at Felix Meritis

Project Felix Meritis
Architects i29
Photography Ewout Huibers
Location Amsterdam

This unique building on Keizersgracht was built in 1788 for a society of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers. It was a hotspot for creativity and cross-overs during intellectual movement "The Enlightenment". 
i29 made the interior design of Felix Meritis anno 2020 commissioned by investment group Amerborgh. A distinct and charismatic design, inspired by the rich history of the building.

tekst 1

Felix Chairs in the Zuilen Zaal

Felix chair is comfortable en very stackable

Concert hall

In the 'Teekenzaal'

The enormous diversity in programming requires a layout in which all rooms can be converted fully flexibly and quickly. In particular, finding a suitable stackable chair was very important because it is used in all halls. i29 ultimately designed a chair especially for Felix Meritis that meets all requirements; stackable, comfortable, light, and in terms of appearance matching the monumental environment of Felix Meritis anno 2020. Chair "Felix" was developed in collaboration with Lensvelt.

tekst 2

The classic building: Felix Meritis

Looking into the 'Teekenzaal'

i29 architects, Jeroen Dellensen en Jaspar Jansen, who designed the Felix chair