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Tyler The Bar

Project Tyler The Bar
Architects V12 ARCHITECTS
Location Solyanka street 1/2, Moscow, Russia
Furniture Maarten Baas 101 chair
Photography Dmitry Chebanenko

V12 Architects  were set a difficult task: client wanted to accommodate two different environments in one.

The original space was absolutely raw, unprepared, but it had several advantages: two levels and huge glass windows of the beginning of the century.

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Architects sought to create a contemporary, minimalistic, balanced interior in timeless aesthetics. The concept consists in a contrast mix of the existing brick box of the neoclassical building and the incorporation of laconic elements of modern design.

Super comfortable and durable furniture was one of the key elements (Scandinavian and Dutch producers: Lensvelt, Norman Copenhagen, Mass Productions, Hay, Pedrali (Italians).