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Brand New Day

THIS Bucket Chairs_ make a great statement in the striking lunch area

AVL Workbenches_ (right) are a welcome addition in the lunch area

Project Brand New Day
Interior architect Chris Burghard, ÈMCÉ interior architecture
Photographer Wouter van der Sar
Location Amsterdam
Surface area ca 2.400m2

Architect Chris Burghard designed the new headquarters of pension bank Brand New Day (BND), a relatively young pension bank. The look of the interior had to fit their DNA and therefore not resemble an established pension bank and certainly not too chic and overdone. The budget was sharp and challenging.

tekst 1

The existing furniture, which was still in good condition, was all re-used and supplemented with Lensvelt workstations. Central islands were created to limit the number of consultation rooms, with enough space to make a phone call.

The work islands consist of high-pile carpet with special furniture and lots of plants. All the islands are different in shape and size.  Above the islands, baffles have been hung with acoustic PET felt to reduce noise.

The Lensvelt No Idea High sofas and chairs were applied in bright yellow Kvadrat fabric.

tekst 2

No Idea High sofa_ with lots of privacy makes a great room divider

THIS Bucket chairs_ match perfectly with the AVL Workbench

No Idea High sofa_ is hidden among the lush greenery

The AVL workbench and table in yellow add a nice contrast

No Idea High sofa_ creates instant privacy

A detail of the high pile carpet

A work island on top of tactile carpets

For the lunch area, BND wanted something special. It became a multifunctional space to eat a sandwich but is also suitable for team meetings and presentations. There is the ability to have drinks on Friday afternoons or raise a glass if there is something to celebrate.

Chris Burghard designed a central bar to enjoy a cup of coffee or have a short standing meeting.

‘I was very pleased that they immediately became enthusiastic about my proposal to place 3 bright yellow AVL workbench tables with benches. They thought it was a very good match with the organization’,  says Chris Burghard.

tekst 3

The lunch area featuring AVL workbench tables and THIS Bucket chairs

AVL Workbench_ facing the central bar

AVL SPR Cathedra Lounger_ was picked for this relaxed meeting area

The lunch area is equipped with a long custom AVL workbenches and tables with yellow THIS Bucket chairs.

‘I was very happy that Lensvelt's collection gave me great opportunities, on this limited budget, to design a very cool interior for them'.

The entrance area is equipped with four comfortable AVL SPR Cathedra Lounge chairs also upholstered in bright yellow fabric.

tekst 4

4000 Meeting table_ comes in many different sizes

No Idea High sofa_ makes a welcome small secluded meeting area

The entrance area

An overview of the hall way showing one of the work islands