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Dinky Dutch

Dinky Dutch, Milan

Project Dinky Dutch
Location Milan
Interieurconcept Alberto Monteverde
Furniture Richard Hutten and Powerhouse Company for Lensvelt

At Milan Design Week 2023, Dinky Dutch was unveiled, a collaborative concept by Erik Kessels, interior designer Alberto Monteverde, furniture by Richard Hutten, and Powerhouse Company for Lensvelt. The interior features lighting by Modular and a hand-painted mural by artist Sjeng Kessels. This transformation of the Dinky restaurant in Milan is a permanent, sustainable upgrade, reflecting the combined talents of the designers involved.

Seated comfortably in Lensvelt design furniture, including chairs by Richard Hutten and Powerhouse Company, you can savor the finest traditional Italian cuisine. While relishing the culinary delights, your gaze will be drawn to the captivating walls and ceiling, artfully crafted and painted by artist Sjeng Kessels, taking your dining experience from mouthwatering to inspiring.

The lighting by Modular Lighting Instruments creates the perfect ambience in the room. 
Ristorante Dinky, Viale Brianza, 36, 20127 Milano

Coquille an elegant and comfortable swivel chair.

THIS Bucket Chair and lighting by Modular

The Empty Chair_ symbolizes the absent guest.

This Bucket Chair

Lensvelt's eco-friendly This Bucket Chair is crafted entirely from 100% post-consumer plastic, embodying sustainability. It's an extension of the This Chair (2004) designed by Richard Hutten, sharing the same comfort and cross-section. Richard Hutten and Lensvelt are dedicated to accessible, environmentally-friendly design. Post-consumer plastic, collected from recycling, is genuinely recycled, reducing waste and conserving resources, aligning with the goal of sustainability and circularity in using low-value raw materials for high-value purposes.

THIS Bucket Chair

Coquille a classic yet innovative swivel chair that can be ordered in any color imaginable.

Coquille - a classic yet innovative swivel chair

Lensvelt and Powerhouse Company present Coquille, an innovative indoor/outdoor swivel chair, handcrafted in Italy. This 100% recyclable chair seamlessly blends classic charm with cutting-edge design, inspired by the iconic bistro chair and Boticelli's Birth of Venus.

Coquille, developed in collaboration with Powerhouse Company, offers durability, comfort, and sophisticated craftsmanship. Crafted from tubular steel, it's a one-piece sculpture with an elegantly curved back and a swivel base resting on bold, curved legs. Dinky's restaurant features these chairs in a striking custom turquoise spray paint finish.

Erik Kessels on the EMPTY CHAIR

Erik Kessels introduces the "EMPTY CHAIR," a concept inspired by his book "A Pictorial History of the Empty Chair." Placed within the new Dinky restaurant, this chair sparks curiosity about absence and who might be sitting there. Created in collaboration with Hans Lensvelt, the chair comes with the book attached beneath the seat. To inquire about purchasing an EMPTY CHAIR, please contact our sales team.

Empty Chair By Erik Kessel

Wall mural is hand painted by artist Sjeng Kessels