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Relaunch of the PH1 chair

during the summer roofparty at Prast/Hooft
Relaunch of the PH1 chair

On September 1st, we enjoyed a vibrant relaunch of the PH1 Chair and Barstool by Prast/Hooft. While summer had not yet ended, we collectively celebrated the traditional end-of-summer party on the rooftop of Prast/Hooft.

The PH1 chair, originally designed for the Gustavino restaurant on the Zuid As, now comes to life with not only an impressive appearance but also optimal comfort, as emphasized by Ronald Hooft. These robust designs, celebrating their tenth anniversary, underwent a remarkable upgrade with an adjustable height mechanism and innovative 3D-knit upholstery by ByBorre.

The rooftop gathering brought together a diverse group: professionals, friends, 'friends of the brands,' colleagues and family, along with familiar faces from Amsterdam's nightlife and the professional interior design world. CEO Hans Lensvelt provided amusement with his distinctive speeches, while Ronald Hooft shared insights into the design process. A fully equipped bar treated attendees to delightful cocktails.

It was an evening filled with joyful encounters and engaging conversations. When the rain eventually drove everyone indoors, the relaxed atmosphere continued indoors into the wee hours.

Our talented photographer, Jan Willem Kaldenbach, captured the memorable moments and as many guests as possible in beautiful portraits. Explore the images in the gallery for a vivid impression.

Want to learn more about the PH1 chair and barstool? Visit our website.

So, whether you're a passionate design enthusiast, a dedicated interior professional, or simply in search of comfortable and stylish seating, the revamped PH1 Chair and Barstool promise not only comfort but also a touch of elegance.

Relive the unforgettable evening through our photo gallery, and we look forward to future highlights with the PH1!