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In the cafe of the Evoluon, all Lensvelt furniture is powder coated in Philips blue

Project: Evoluon
Architect: M+R interior architecture
Location: Eindhoven
Furniture: Lensvelt Contract Furniture
Photography: Inga Powilleit Photography

After being closed for more than thirty years, the iconic Evoluon building in Eindhoven has opened its doors again with a newly redecorated entrance, lounge, restaurant and meeting rooms, developed by M+R interior architecture. M+R refurbished these spaces with many different chairs and tables from Lensvelt. What makes this project so special? All the Lensvelt furniture is executed in a special blue colour, making them even more unique.

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The iconic Evoluon has reopened since 1989 and has a new look

Loop Chairs_ are set up on the outdoor terrace and are ideal for outdoor use

Loop Chair_ can be used outside for seven years without a hitch

Fresh & blue transformation

M+R interior architecture was asked by Next Nature to develop the concept and design the entrance, lounge, restaurant and meeting rooms. Their approach was to give everything that’s new in the building, a clear signature in which they maximized the use of the existing furnishings and provided it with a 'new skin' in a recognizable color blue. The color blue is not determined "out of the blue," it is a primary color that stands for pure and clean and is also often associated with technology and future. Besides that, this color blue is also the color of the initiator of the Evoluon: Philips.

For the loose furnishings, M+R chose chairs and tables from Lensvelt designers and artists like: Maarten Baas (101 Chair), Joep van Lieshout (Skull and AVL-chair) and Piet Hein Eek (Aluminum Chair). All the furniture is finished in the special blue color which makes them even more unique.

On the terrace outside, which was designed in collaboration with Vermaat catering, the furniture is also consistently executed in the color blue, including the Loop Chairs designed by Studio Stefan Scholten for Lensvelt.

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Loop Chair_ is available with and without armrests and can be spray painted in any color

Maarten Baas 101 chair_ and other chairs by a variety of designers and artists were chosen for the cafe's separate furnishing

Aluminium Chair by Piet Hein Eek_ is also optimally reusable and therefore very suitable in this public space

W.H. Gispen 205 dining room chair_ executed in black as an exception to the blue color scheme, the à la carte part of the restaurant is in black

Shaker chair_ by Atelier van Lieshout in natural oak painted in Philips blue

All furniture is labeled for later auction as part of sustainability when the furniture is ready for a second life

The blue and black color theme indicates a clear separation between the a la carte restaurant and cafe

4000 Meeting Table_ in various shapes and sizes are placed in the a la carte restaurant

W.H. Gispen Easy Chairs_ in the lounge in front of a wall covering by Sofie Crespo 'the canon of the universe and the earth'

Inside the Evoluon

On the ground floor of the Evoluon, three workstations are installed. The Skulls are designed by Joep van Lieshout/Atelier van Lieshout. On the top ring of the dome, part of the museum, twelve AVL Presidential Chairs are displayed at a Q&A installation about historic world leaders.

As an exception to the blue color scheme, M+R executed the a la carte part of the restaurant entirely in the color black. The tables in this area are the 4000 Meeting Tables used in various sizes and shapes, accompanied by Gispen 205 chairs, all provided by Lensvelt.

The Evoluon was opened in 1966 and was designed by the architects Louis Kalff and Leo de Bever.

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Skull workstations_ by Atelier van Lieshout provide a space where you can withdraw with your laptop

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Maarten Baas 101 chair_ looks out over the lounge area like a space creature

W.H. Gispen Coffee Table_ with a custom-made top surrounded by a Gispen Easy Chair and Maarten Baas 101 chair in the lounge area

Maarten Baas barstools_ welcome visitors in the entrance area

AVL Presidential Chairs_ are placed in the museum area at an interactive Q&A about presidents and world leaders

AVL Presidential Chair_ are upholstered and provide a comfortable seat

12 AVL Presidential Chairs_ in a museum installation on the upper ring of the museum

President Obama was seated in a AVL Presidential Chair during the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, 2014

In the entrance area a DeLorean (from the movie Back to the Future) is on display between Maarten Baas barstools and Chase G coat racks (far left)

Lensvelt produced custom modular seating in the shape of an X for the terrace and lounge designed by M+R interior architecture.

Finishing tables inside and out

All indoor furniture is finished in smooth lacquer. The outdoor furniture such as the Loop Chairs and the 54 outdoor tables are made of galvanized steel and finished with fine textured lacquer.
The 24 adjustable 4000 Meeting tables, height adjustable with a handle from 67 to 108 cm are suitable for large events.

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