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Maarten Van Severen

Maarten van Severen (1956 – 2005) was a Belgian furniture designer, an interior architect and a personal friend of Hans Lensvelt. Lensvelt is producer of a substantial part of the collection after his death. His pieces are internationally renowned and appreciated because of the unique usage of materials, quality and finish. Van Severen designed his first furniture pieces in 1986 and established an independent workshop in Gent. The fundamental aspect of his work, is devoted to the examination of basic furniture: chair, table, chaise longue, shelving and a cabinet. Van Severen developed primary solutions for these categories based on a comprehensive investigation of the questions of form, material and construction. In 1990, he began to collaborate closely with Rem Koolhaas and also turned his attention to more interior design tasks.

Maarten Van Severen x Lensvelt

The collection of Maarten van Severen had been officially launched in September 2013 in Lensvelt’s Headquarters at Herengracht 178, Amsterdam. Lensvelt included Maarten’s products after his death.

In 2014 Lensvelt, together with the architectural firm OMA, brought an exhibition to Salone del Mobile in Milan, in the Ventura Lambrate district. The exhibition was entirely devoted to the collection of Maarten Van Severen. The designer, who died in 2005, is increasingly recognized as one of the greatest designers of our time. In Italy it was the first time that Maarten Van Severen's complete collection was presented. The pieces of the collection were displayed in a 3D environment designed by OMA Architects, the architectural firm of Rem Koolhaas. They created a decor with graphic prints, 3D objects and meter-high photos, so that the visitor could imagined him/herself in Maarten van Severen’s former studio. In the past Lensvelt, OMA and Maarten Van Severen have collaborated on projects such as the Dutch embassy in Berlin and the Central Library in Seattle.


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