One of a kind D-Chair upholstered in Steve KLein blue, unfortunately no longer available


…,staat is a creative agency that specializes widely in the spectrum of the arts through branding, culture, (interior) design and products. Their creative direction consists of an international group of 25 dedicated creatives, designers, strategists, copywriters, visual artists, digital thinkers, architects, producers and project managers who all share a passion for creating the extraordinary. As for being highly experienced in developing custom furniture and setting the tone for their client’s environments, the D-Chair for Lensvelt is the the first time the agency takes one of their designs into production.

Checkt out the D-Chair

tekst 1

Jochem Leegstra and Julia Kortekaas founded ...,STAAT

D-Chair upholstered at the new Lensvelt Residence in Amsterdam

D-chair wood photographed at the Superloft of architect Mark Koehler


D-Chair upholstered at architectural firm Atelier Markx

The bee's knees

With its timeless yet contemporary character, the D-chair can be placed in an endless variety of interiors. Whether it’s used to blend into its surroundings or to create a desired contrast, this elegant chair is the bee’s knees in terms of furniture. It’s not entirely coincidental that founder of creative agency ...,staat Leegstra was inspired by the slender limbs of insects when designing this chair in 2017. 

The Lensvelt D-Chair is known for its strikingly slim frame and surprising handle behind the backrest, which can also serve as a coat hanger. The chair comes in a wooden and upholstered version and is both comfortable and affordable.

tekst 3

D-chairs at the new HQ of UNGA, interior design by ...,staat


D-Chair wood, photo by Bart Oomes

Jochem Leegstra asked photographer Bart Oomes to photograph the D-Chairs in a creative and artistic way...

...resulting in unique images that emphasize their stateliness and charm. 


D-chairs at Forum Groningen

Custom colors for these upholstered D-chairs at Forum Groningen

Blue stained custom colored wooden D-chairs at Forum Groningen


D-chairs combined with table V