Judith Baehner (left) and Odette Ex collaborated on the Green Cabinet with Lensvelt

Ex Interiors & Het Groenlab

Ex interiors and Het Groenlab collaborated with Lensvelt to develop the Green Cabinet. An extensive modular system which was presented during the collectively organized event What is N'EXT. A three day event about the future of culture, nature and nurture.

EX Interiors

Ex Interiors has been active in (interior) architecture since 1994. The multidisciplinary agency was founded by Odette Ex, director and chief architect for all projects within the company. She prefers to work with sustainable materials, which are applied in a powerful and sober way.

In addition to the many completed offices, businesses, restaurants, stores, showrooms and private homes, Ex Interiors also develops furniture collections. A current product is the Green Cabinet developed in collaboration with Lensvelt and Het Groenlab.

Het Groenlab

Inspiring people to RE-LOVE and RE-CONNECT with nature is the main goal of Het Groen Lab. Founder Judith Baehner works as a stylist, author, plant architect and designer, among other roles. She combines her experience as a stylist with her passion for plants to create inspiring and inventive green experiences. 

Het Groen Lab helps individuals and businesses to create green living and working spaces for a happier and healthier life. It's greenery solutions are about cultivating personal spaces and are planted with love and care.


Tekst 1


Green Cabinet_ available in countless possibilities

The Green Cabinet_ as presented during the N'EXT event

The Green Cabinet_ is available in 4 colors

the Green Cabinet_ can be expanded with numerous accessories such as table tops and planters