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New Balance family_ was launched at Dutch Design Week 2019

Project Launch of the New Balance Family during Dutch Design Week 2019
Architect Fabio Novembre
Location Kazerne, Eindhoven
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture
Photography Ruud Balk

A modular sofa system existing of sloping armchairs, single sofas and a chaisse longue. The slanted elements in different shapes resemble uneven boulders that are interrupted by small tables as resting points. 

About Lensvelt X Fabio Novembre

Hans Lensvelt (CEO of Lensvelt) and designer Fabio Novembre have been good friends for 20 years. They have known each other socially through Marcel Wanders and share a love of cars. After all these years, they thought it was time to develop a piece of furniture together. This brand new sofa system was named New Balance, as Fabio has a whole theory about the new balance in the world, not only in terms of interior design but in the bigger picture of life.
For the presentation of the New Balance Family during Dutch Design Week 2019 at de Kazerne in Eindhoven - a meeting place for design professionals and hotspot for art and dining - Fabio Novembre was present during the opening night. That evening, Fabio gave a live interview with design journalist Jeroen Junte in a full auditorium of design professionals and interested onlookers.

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New Balance family_ exists of armchairs and a variety of sofa's, available in different colours that can be mixed an matched

New Balance

The New Balance sofa is an Italian design, modular sofa system that poses as a metaphor for the uncertainties of our time. It quite literally searches for balance through the oblique elements, with a choice of a left or right descending side. The modules are designed to be combined in various configurations.

"The fact that New Balance literally looks for balance on its uneven legs is a metaphor for the unstable balance of our time, we are looking for certainty, guidance, a new equilibrium." Fabio Novembre explains.

Hans Lensvelt and Fabio Novembre have known each other for 20 years through mutual friend Marcel Wanders. It was only until 2018 that Hans Lensvelt suggested to Fabio Novembre that it was time to create furniture together. The prototype of the New Balance Sofa was presented at the Milan Design Awards in 2019.

Fabio Novembre

The Italian architect and designer, Fabio Novembre seems like he can do it all. He embodies all notions of design, fashion, art and architecture and has gained notoriety that is identified by his exclusive and provocative designs. He has successfully collaborated with brands such as: Driade, Venini and Kartell. Fabio Novembre designed interiors, showrooms and boutiques for fashion houses such as Blumarine and Stuart Weitzman. And proudly designed architectonic spaces for AC Milan and Lamborghini.

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The New Balance Family during DDW 2019 at the Kazerne in Eindhoven

New Balance duo seater_ comes with a wide and small section

New Balance armchair_ can be upholstered as you wish

The New Balance family launch was a colorful tribute to the LGBTQ community

New Balance chaise longue_ with a choice of a left or right descending side

New Balance sofa three seater_ modular sofa system

Fabio Novembre during DDW 2019 on his chaise longue for Lensvelt

Fabio Novembre and Hans Lensvelt before the live interview during DDW 2019

Fabio with Maarten Baas and Ralph Nauta (Studio Drift)

New Balance armchair_ in bold red

New Balance sofa duo seater_ has a small and a wide seating area

An overview of the New Balance Family in all its different colours and variations