Museum W

Maarten Baas 101 chairs_ in the entrance area, which has the same gold cladding applied to one wall as the exterior

Large golden yellow shutters complement the historic elements of the building

Project Museum W
Location Weert
Architect Maurice Mentjens
Furniture Maarten Baas  Chairs and This Chairs
Photography Arjen Schmitz

Interior designer Maurice Mentjens has renovated the old municipal museum in the heart of Weert with a striking matte gold exterior. The designer brought the past and the present together in a gold-colored national monument. Large golden yellow shutters complement the historic elements of the building, creating a monumental entrance.

The contemporary gold facade has two large screens on which video installations by artists or information are projected. The new facade is clad with a shell of Tecu®Gold, a material that is a new alloy of recycled aluminum and copper. The same golden atmosphere can be found in the entrance area, where Mentjens combined gold-colored wall coverings with colorful Maarten Baas chairs in jewel tones.

While some parts of the museum have been restored to their former glory, such as the paneling in the halls and the original oak ceiling in the old Council Chamber, some parts have been redecorated so the museum can accommodate new amenities in a contemporary look.

The attic floor now serves the museum's permanent collections and educational areas, where the rooms are filled with cheerful yellow This Chairs.

In addition, Mentjens designed all the display cases and hanging systems specifically for Museum W. For these pieces, the designer used as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible. The meeting rooms are furnished with wooden Maarten Baas chairs.

tekst 1

THIS Chairs_ fill the educational areas on the attic floor where also the permanent collections are displayed

Maarten Baas Chair wood_ have been applied in the meeting rooms of the museum