VIA Hotel

Studio Job Cabinet _ watches over sleeping guests

Project Via Hotel Amsterdam
Architect Sheryl Leysner Interior Architecture and project management
Furniture Job Cabinet and Gispen Chair by Lensvelt
Photography J.P. Fiering

Former office building Sphinxstate  was converted into a VIA Hostel with 170 rooms and 744 beds. The interior of the hotel, including the vast majority of the furniture, was designed by Sheryl Leysner, who created a distinctive and urban look. She worked a lot with slanting lines and color planes which fit the 80's architectural style of the building. Leysner chose the sturdy Job Cabinet in the rooms combined with the iconic Gispen 205 chair.

"The room floors are sleek, fresh and light. The first floor is a different world, with other colors where there is more gray and darker, appropriate for a hospitality area," Leysner states. 

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Gispen 205 chair_ (in the background) at a suite at the Via hotel

Gispen 205 chair _ is combined with the sturdy Studio Job Cabinet

The first floor is a different world, with more gray and darker, colors appropriate for a hospitality area

Studio Job Cabinet _ gold keys on the left and right of the room

Former office building Sphinxstate was converted into a VIA Hostel

The bar

Gispen 205 chair_ at one of the suites at VIA Hotel