This 141 Chair

300,00 Excluded VAT

A lightweight, comfortable and stackable chair. 

Article number rh0034
Steel frame- Yellow RAL1004 / Blue RAL5024 / Light Grey RAL7035 / Green RAL6021 / Dark Grey RAL7011 / Black RAL9005 / Red RAL2002 / White RAL9010
Upholstered(see downloads for fabric categories)
-C.O.M. 0,95 m1
Width52 cm
Depth51 cm
Height81 cm
Seat height45 cm
The Story

This 141 Upholstered Chair has a seat made of the thinnest possible material and a base of extremely fine chrome threads. The chair is super-lightweight due to the minimal use of material. The bevelled plastic seat is upholstered and available in a variety of fabrics. 

Together with an ergonomist, Richard Hutten did extensive research into the optimal form of the seat. The model has been tested many times. As a result, it has become a chair on which you can sit comfortably for hours, even though it is not upholstered with a soft fabric. This 141 Upholstered Chair is stackable and a mobile trolley is also optionally available.

Design: Richard Hutten (2005).


Here you can download our product related files. 3D files are also available in our Lensvelt SketchUp 3D Warehouse. 3D Files
20200929185332_STOFFENKAART_Categorie1.pdf Fabric category 1
20200929185643_STOFFENKAART_Categorie2.pdf Fabric category 2
20200929185721_STOFFENKAART_Categorie3.pdf Fabric category 3
20200929185751_STOFFENKAART_Categorie4.pdf Fabric category 4
20210114164811_Product Passport This 101 Upholstered Chair.pdf Product Passport
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