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Ronald Hooft

Ronald Hooft an architect and interior designer who frequently designs together with Herman Prast. This duo is often referred to as the ‘Amsterdam’s village architects’ due to their great influence on the local interior of popular restaurants and entertainment venues. They adhere to powerful visual concepts focusing on pristine choice of materials and meticulous detailing. Remaining both timeless and modern, being accessible with high quality materials and having sleek yet still cozy designs.


PH1 Chair_ Gustavino by Ronald Hoft & Herman Prast

PH1 Chair & PH1 Barstool

Prast and Hooft designed the PH1 chair and barstool, contracted by Lensvelt for Gustavino located on the Zuidas. After the success, Lensvelt produced the chair in larger quantitates and they were used in many other interiors.

Tekst 2

PH1 Chair shop now

PH1 Chairs_ Urban Industrial by Heyligers D+P

Urban Industrial by Heyligers D+P

PH1 Barstool_ shop now

PH1 Barstool_ Gin Sum Club Haarlem

PH1 Barstool_ Timmerhuis by OMA

PH1 Barstool_ Gin Sum Club Haarlem

PH1 Chair

PH1 Barstool