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Lensvelt Farmhouse

Shaker Chairs and Table by Atelier van Lieshout

Residence Lensvelt Farmhouse
Architect Nelleke Strijkers
Furniture Lensvelt Furniture and other design labels
Location Meer, Belgium

Photography J.W. Kaldenbach


New Balance Armchair and Sofa by Fabio Novembre

Kitchen Unit a design by Atelier van Lieshout

AVL SPR Cathedra Lounger and Pouf and two Military Chairs in the back

AVL Cloudtable AVL Glyders and an art piece of Atelier van Lieshout

New Balance Armchair by Fabio Novembre

Bulbs by Caroline Prisse

...a view from the garden to the house

AVL Glyder Family AVL Cloudtable and AVL Skull in the back

Cane Divan Simo Heikkilä